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Industrial Vision Corporation is now known as SafeVision, LLC.

SafeVision and Industrial Vision were two of the leading providers of prescription safety eyewear, and now Industrial Vision has become part of SafeVision. SafeVision will continue to provide the excellent service our customers have come to expect from us, and we now have entirely new lines of the most fashionable safety eyewear to offer our customers.

All references to "Industrial Vision" will be replaced with "SafeVision" over the next few months. We look forward to continuigin to provide our customers the highest level of services and products.

Please contact us with any questions.

Prescription eyewear safety products

Prescription Safety Glasses, Eyewear Protection, Safety Googles and Lenses with safety Services and Programs
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Operating Room Precription Safety Eyewear - ORx
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Industrial Vision Corporation
Providing expert safety eyewear protection,
prescription safety glasses, spectacle kits, safety
goggles and on-site safety programs
for over 30 years, nationwide.

Our licensed opticians will come Onsite to your Company.


When it comes to Prescription Safety Glasses and protective eyewear, only one company delivers the largest selection, the highest quality safety eyewear all at a great price. For over 3 decades Industrial Vision Corporation has provided spectacle kits, inserts, safety glasses, safety goggles and specialized operating room glasses to hospitals, manufacturers, construction companies, warehouses and more. Why... trust your vision to anything less than the best?  With over 30 years of eye protection products and on-site eye safety programs, trust your eye health and your employees' eye safety to IVC.

Convenience – Expert Services – Innovation – Cost Effective

Industrial Vision Corporation is one of the few certified occupational and industrial lens manufactures in the US. We offer a full range of prescription safety eyewear and safety glasses:

  • Spectacle Kits
  • Prescription Safety Glasses and Prescription Safety Eyewear
  • Rx Safety Glasses
  • Complete Line of Non-Conductive Prescription Safety Glasses
  • Prescription Medical Safety Glasses
  • Prescription Safety Frames
  • Certified Manufacturer of Prescription Safety Glasses
  • Professional On-Site Eye Protection Services
  • Off-Site Eye Protection Services Partnering with Local Eye Care Providers
  • Authorized Distributor for Every Major US and Canadian made Rx Safety Frame Line

IVC's doing something no other competitor has ever done! The New Standard

The New IVC WRAP-Rx Non-conductive, full-seal wrap style Rx Safety Eyewear

The New IVC SW09 Non-conductive, full-seal wrap style Rx Safety Eyewear
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New Products
New Non-conductive OG-220S Collection New Non-conductive OG-220S Collection
Foam-lined Foam-lined
Dust Guard
Safety Glasses
3M ZT200 Series
Zero Tolerance Collection.
OG-210S -
Non-Conductive Safety Glasses
OG-250 Safety Glasses

ON GUARD 250 -
Non-Conductive Safety Glasses

Defog it Defog It -
Anti-Fog Kit
Defog it 3 pack anti-fog cloths Defog It - 3 Pack
Anti-Fog Cloths
Eyewear Safety Glasses Safety AlertSafety administrators choose Industrial Vision Corporation to manage their eye protection compliance needs because of our high level of expertise, attention to service and professional services. Our competitive advantage offers a comprehensive solution for all your occupational safety needs.

Contact us at 314-664-1033 or toll free at 1-800-264-1941 to learn how our eye safety products and services can better serve your eye protection and service requirements while offering you greater safe-guards against compliance liability.
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